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21 Sep 2009
WeedKiller released

This has some small changes to the configuration (Regular Expression versus Wildcards is now an enumeration), and the Manager is now a single-instance application. Source code and binaries are available on the project page.

21 Aug 2009
WeedKiller released

This has a small bug correction for Weeks as an age metric, and the help file is now launched into the default browser.  This appears to be the final Alpha release. All source code and binaries are now on the project page.  Please visit that site for further details as the project develops. I’ve […]

11 Aug 2009

Weed Killer Manager now has small fixes to the behavior of selected events in the Tester (and their coloring).  I’ve also added a count and size display to the group box header for event selection.  It shows the counts and total bytes for all items in the selected events.  It allows for estimating or measuring […]

04 Aug 2009

The original installation for Weed Killer Manager had a missing help file, which has been corrected. See the project page for updated binaries. I am creating a project on for WeedKiller, which will be available shortly.

26 Jul 2009
Weed Killer released (

The Weed Killer project has reached the alpha release stage.  See the project page for details.  Weed Killer takes the functionality of the DeleteAgedFiles VBScript to an enterprise level, but also works well on a single workstation.