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29 Aug 2012
A giant leap towards the cashless society

Back in 1999, the Y2K panic was reaching its peak.  Sadly, it was even starting to consume a few noted national Christian leaders (James Dobson included), which was a little disheartening.  And every church I knew had appointed some person within the congregation as the church’s Y2K representative, whether that person had any real knowledge […]

08 Jul 2012
The upside-down logic of corporate “free speech” from Verizon

Verizon filed a predictable lawsuit against the FCC this week, challenging the legality of the “net neutrality” rules the commission passed by a 3-2 vote. Not so ironically, excluding the commissioner himself, the 2 commissioners voting for the rules were Democrats, and the 2 commissioners voting against the rules were Republicans. Of course, the logic […]

27 Mar 2012
Weed Killer

Weed Killer is now available. See the project page here.  This is a maintenance release which corrects an issue with applying NT permissions to folders. Weed Killer is available for download on

13 Mar 2012
Weed Killer (Stable)

Weed Killer is now available. See the project page here.  This is the second stable, production-ready release of the package. Highlights are: Corrected a problem where saving a configuration file, before an active change was accepted or canceled, could corrupt the entry in the file. Added a new ability for an administrator to assign […]

14 Aug 2011
The mysterious mutating power properties .. SOLVED !

Back in 2009, I wrote a post related to issues of mutating power settings in Windows XP Media Center (I’ve got the Power! … but not over power properties?!). Since then I have seen the problem also on Windows XP Professional, and on multiple manufacturers laptops (HP, Gateway and Dell). After digging a little further, […]

07 Aug 2011
Finally, Internet-based irrigation control for the tech-savvy homeowner

So that you know up front: I have neither purchased nor ordered the device yet.  I’m not promoting it.  I am just publishing this because so many people I talked to over the past few years really wanted what this device does and, like me, couldn’t find anything like it. I’ve been repairing my 5-year […]

25 May 2011
RDP on Windows 7, and Visual Studio

Lately, I have been noticing a problem with Visual Studio’s local web development server and terminal services.  I use Windows 7 Professional, which works wonderfully.  Often, I will lock the workstation and remotely connect to the workstation via RDP when I am at home. Occasionally, I will have a problem getting to the desktop.  The […]

11 Jan 2011
Don’t lose track of time to advance your commercial interest.

Lately I have been frustrated in general with forum-based sites, regardless of subject matter. And yet, I don’t blame them for my frustration. The problem is systemic in nature. Forum-based web sites function as an archive of data over long stretches of time, like a traditional library, but are much more dynamically built. Its content […]

11 Sep 2009
Don’t brick my iPhone: I might just throw it at you

Wow !  The mysterious and annoying RDC problem on my laptop took a dangerous turn yesterday.  The problem has to do with the power setting properties sometimes mutating, when I bring my Windows XP Media Center laptop out of hibernation, and connect to it via RDC.  The original problem is described in this post. Apple […]

02 Mar 2009
I’ve got the Power! … but not over power properties?!

I have been encountering a really annoying behavior in Windows XP Media Center on my laptop, and the solution is really elusive.  It is arbitrarily changing my power settings for hibernation and standby. The problem occurs intermittently, when I change my point of access between RDC and the laptop’s keyboard.  I normally set the power […]