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21 Jul 2013
Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

On a recent business trip to Pittsburgh, I experienced something that really surprised me. I went out to dinner with some co-workers to a microbrewery/restaurant known as Church Brew Works. The name is very appropriate. It is in an old Catholic church building (St Mark’s) which is on the city’s registry as a historical landmark. […]

18 Jul 2013
You know you are a Floridian when…

I found this while cleaning out some folders on my hard drive.  After 8 years in the Orlando area, these I can vouch for. The original list is longer, and I removed the items which don’t apply to non-native Floridians.  The ones I’ve marked with asterisks I have found to be particularly true. ============================= “Down […]

14 Jul 2013
To Florida, or not to Florida: a quality of life question … maybe

I’ve been really amused over the last few months with some discussions about the best (or at least better) place to live. Currently it’s focused on the city of Pittsburgh or the Central Florida area. The debate between Florida and the rest of the country always seems to be a more heated, emotionally-intense debate.  It […]

20 Mar 2013
The French Taxi Driver Test

This analogy, which I heard long ago while living in Europe, is a very revealing exercise. The story goes as follows: “A Taxi Driver is driving his taxi down a city road at 2:30AM. The traffic light at the intersection he is approaching is red.  As he approaches the intersection, he brings the taxi to a […]

02 Feb 2013
Beer for code.. the community in Open Source

My son discovered this license statement in some code he was looking at.  Daniel, I like your license: hope we get to meet you some day. /* * —————————————————————————- * "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42): * wrote this file. As long as you retain * this notice you can do whatever you want with […]

17 Jan 2013
The Developer’s Commandments Revisited.

About 20 years ago, I remember reading the original 10 commandments for C programmers.  A lot of time has elapsed since then, and there are some things that needed to change as technology and experience have changed the developer’s world. So here is my modernized version for the sect of Microsoft C# developers in the […]

28 Dec 2012
The loss of two notable military veterans this week

While the death today of General Norman Schwarzkopf is sweeping the news, there’s another military veteran who died on Monday that you might recognize… but not for his military service. Character actor: Charles Durning He was a one of a number of actors who served in the military, fighting in overseas wars.  In this case, […]

26 Sep 2012
A classic Fairy Tale.. modernized through scrum.

It’s nice to have an adult son who, not only shares my love of coding, but also has inherited a practical sense of humor. Iteration #1: (my son) Person jack = new Person(’jack’); Person jill = new Person(’jill’);   if (jack.isGoingUphill() == true && jill.isGoingUphill() == true) { try { WaterWell well = new WaterWell(); […]

29 Aug 2012
A giant leap towards the cashless society

Back in 1999, the Y2K panic was reaching its peak.  Sadly, it was even starting to consume a few noted national Christian leaders (James Dobson included), which was a little disheartening.  And every church I knew had appointed some person within the congregation as the church’s Y2K representative, whether that person had any real knowledge […]

27 Apr 2012
“That’s what THEY said!”

I am a linguist who takes grammar and language use very seriously. This is one of the few times I will stand on my pet-peeve soap box.  What caused this? <rant> It was a blurb of text in a document on the Free Software Foundation’s site.  “…as long as the user is able to authorize […]