Batch #1-12: Blueberry Stout

Style Fruit-flavored Stout
Ingredients Munton’s Irish Stout
Blueberry Extract Flavoring
Brewing Date: Wed: Febraury 1, 2012
Primary Fermentation: Wed: February 1, 2012
Original Gravity: 1.036
Secondary Fermentation: n/a
Bottling Date: Wed: February 8, 2012
Final Gravity: 1.008
Release Date: Fri: March  16, 2012
Alcohol by volume: 3.7% ABV (4.2% post-conditioning)
Final Release Name: Violet’s Revenge


So my original page documenting this was corrupted, and I’ll just re-create the important stuff.

The beer was brewed and fermented as normal, and 4oz of the Blueberry Extract was added to the bottling bucket prior to siphoning the wort into it.  I also added three teaspoons of brown sugar to warm water for additional conditioning food for the yeast.

This beer was on the sweet side, but was very well received.  As time went on (8 weeks of conditioning), the taste really smoothed out.  It came out far better than I expected, and the extract made adding the fruit flavor very easy.  One small note: the carbonation in this batch was string, and one bottle even exploded in the 18-gallon plastic bin I use to store the bottles during conditioning.

I’m not normally a fan of fruit-flavored beer, but this batch has changed my mind a bit.  I think I will try a banana-flavored stout sometime later this year,