Batch #2-10: Dark Ale

Style Dark Lager
Ingredients Cooper’s Dark Ale Pre-Hopped Malt Extract Kit
Brewing Date: Sunday, January 10, 10
Primary Fermentation: Sunday, January 10, 10
Original Gravity: 1.032
Secondary Fermentation: n/a
Bottling Date: Wednesday, January 20, 10
Final Gravity: 1.010
Release Date: Mardi Gras, Tuesday, February 16, 10
Alcohol by volume: 3.4%
Final Release Name: The Jazz Drinker

This will be a revisit to a Cooper’s brew can, which worked very well last year.


01/10 @ 5:30PM  :: Mixed boiling water, 2lbs corn sugar and the malt can into the brew pot, and boiled it for 15 minutes.  Wow, this is nothing after doing the partial mash brews.  Used the 3 gallons of near-freezing water after a 10-minute ice bath, and the temperature in the fermentation bucket dropped down to 70 degrees instantly.  Pitched the yeast and sealed the bucket.  I’m using the wicking method with this batch as well.

01/13  @ 7:00 PM :: It took almost 48 hours, but the bubble cycles have started at 12-15 second intervals, with mild bursts up to 1 second long.  Typical for a dry yeast start.

01/20 @ 9:00 PM :: Bubbling cycles were just under 1 minute on Monday.  Today was the time I had free to bottle.  Yield is 57 12oz bottles.  The batch has a very smooth taste on the palate.  Release is scheduled for Mardi Gras.

02/08 @ 9:00PM :: Opened another bottle to try.  This beer now has a noticeable bite and bitterness on the palate.  It is also a little thin, like a Budweiser or traditional American commerical beer.  I’m sure that is because I added about 1/2 gallon more water to up the quantity to 5.5 gallons.  It is quite drinkable, and has a pretty good taste.  Definitely a picnic beer.  The closest I can compare it to is a Yuengling Black & Tan.

Making this beer now, after four consecutive, partial mash (i.e. raw ingredient) batches has really shown me the difference between the pre-made malt extract kit in a can, and the flavor influence available with partial mash.

Feedback on this beer was that it was good.  I really didn’t expect more.