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01 Dec 2013
DD-WRT: Making two-routers work on the same network… and an alternate

I recently moved and had to setup a new home network. Because of the length and number of walls limiting effective radio coverage in the new house, I opted to put in two wireless AP’s: one at the front in the living room where the main input is, and one at the back of the house […]

20 Sep 2013
Of Patents and Trolls…

Isaac Asimov, the famous science-fiction writer, died not long ago.  In the obituary I read about him, there was one interesting statement he was quoted as saying during his life.  One day, while apparently resting in his yard, he came up with the concept of bouncing a radio signal of a man-made object in space […]

30 Aug 2013
The 5 Core System Requirements To Protect Your Sleep

I have been a software developer for over 30 years now.  That includes time as a kid playing with technology, time as a student, and professional and non-professional work.  Over that time I have encountered a lot of bad designs, and some good designs in systems and software.  I also have, like every person in […]

20 Feb 2013
Google It !

If you haven’t been following the technology-specific news outlets for the past two weeks, it would have been easy to overlook the news that Google has acquired the company in Florida where I work: Channel Intelligence.  It’s quite a milestone. Channel Intelligence was founded in late 1999, while the tech bubble was nearing the bursting point […]

17 Jan 2013
The Developer’s Commandments Revisited.

About 20 years ago, I remember reading the original 10 commandments for C programmers.  A lot of time has elapsed since then, and there are some things that needed to change as technology and experience have changed the developer’s world. So here is my modernized version for the sect of Microsoft C# developers in the […]

29 Aug 2012
A giant leap towards the cashless society

Back in 1999, the Y2K panic was reaching its peak.  Sadly, it was even starting to consume a few noted national Christian leaders (James Dobson included), which was a little disheartening.  And every church I knew had appointed some person within the congregation as the church’s Y2K representative, whether that person had any real knowledge […]

20 Aug 2012
When a loop is not a loop

In an earlier post, I showed how to rethink the traditional MS-SQL CURSOR logic pattern, to minimize the number of maintenance points for FETCH statements (The lost art of break and continue). That post covered the while() { … } loop. Another equally-useful variant is the do { … } while() loop, which also supports the […]

08 Jul 2012
The upside-down logic of corporate “free speech” from Verizon

Verizon filed a predictable lawsuit against the FCC this week, challenging the legality of the “net neutrality” rules the commission passed by a 3-2 vote. Not so ironically, excluding the commissioner himself, the 2 commissioners voting for the rules were Democrats, and the 2 commissioners voting against the rules were Republicans. Of course, the logic […]

14 Aug 2011
The mysterious mutating power properties .. SOLVED !

Back in 2009, I wrote a post related to issues of mutating power settings in Windows XP Media Center (I’ve got the Power! … but not over power properties?!). Since then I have seen the problem also on Windows XP Professional, and on multiple manufacturers laptops (HP, Gateway and Dell). After digging a little further, […]

07 Aug 2011
Finally, Internet-based irrigation control for the tech-savvy homeowner

So that you know up front: I have neither purchased nor ordered the device yet.  I’m not promoting it.  I am just publishing this because so many people I talked to over the past few years really wanted what this device does and, like me, couldn’t find anything like it. I’ve been repairing my 5-year […]