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28 Jun 2023
The Internet Wayback Machine Saved The Day !!

I thought they were gone forever, but it turns out two major commentaries I wrote on Y2K in 1999 and 2000 were hiding in the Internet Wayback Machine. It’s 2023 now, and nearly a quarter of a century has passed since these were written.  If you would like to compare where we are now, versus […]

06 Aug 2018
Use Meaningful Method Names in WebAPI (.NET)

<rant> I don’t know if it comes from laziness in changing a default name from a template, or a misunderstanding of the attributes HttpGet, HttpPut, HttpPost, HttpDelete or HttpHead.  Regardless, having a WebAPI method name in code called Get() for a single method with an HttpGet attribute, Put() for HttpPut, etc… is bad practice. Use […]

16 Feb 2010
Old rounding errors never die, they just fade into images…

My friend Matt Owen posted a snapshot of the stock results on his Facebook wall today, which showed some interesting results on NASDAQ. It’s amusing to see little math slip ups appear from time to time like this on commercial web sites.  Seeing this error reminded me of other experiences I have had in coding […]

20 Jan 2009
When an empty string is really an empty string…

Sometimes clarity of thinking during late night programming is elusive… 1 (footerMessage.Trim().Length == 0 ? string.Empty : footerMessage + "\r\n\r\n")(footerMessage.Trim().Length == 0 ? string.Empty : footerMessage + "\r\n\r\n") There are two bloopers in this one line of code: a string with nothing but spaces really is an empty string (for practical reasons). it would be […]