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26 Jul 2009
Weed Killer released (

The Weed Killer project has reached the alpha release stage.  See the project page for details.  Weed Killer takes the functionality of the DeleteAgedFiles VBScript to an enterprise level, but also works well on a single workstation.

07 Jul 2009
When a WinForm can be automated with parameters

Console applications fit nicely into the batch processing paradigm: take some parameters, do the work, write your progress and/or notices to the console, report an exit code and terminate.  Occasionally, doing the same work in a Windows form provides a better visual interface into the data and activity. A good example of this is the […]

01 Jul 2009
Source control for the non-enterprise developer

I recently began looking for a feasible way of maintaining my personal source code in a version control system.  Since I use TFS and Visual Source Safe in team environments, I wanted something that would support add-ins for Visual Studio, and be easy to use in general. I liked what I saw in Subversion, the […]