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23 Dec 2011
Bulk File Rename v1.0.0.0

Bulk File Rename is a simple windows form application, which allows complex file renaming within a folder, for all or a selected subset of the files. It supports remove, find/replace, prefix, suffix (root or extension), or “insert at” adjustments, and even supports wild cards and character remapping. See the help screen for examples. It works […]

12 Dec 2011
Task Manager: wherefore art thou?

I’ve observed a stange behavior in Windows XP with the Task Manager, which apparently is also rearing its ugly head in Windows 7.  The symptoms appear sometime after a few defaults are changed, and a few reboots and application installations or uninstallations occur– just like in XP. After opening Task Manager, the options menu has […]

05 Dec 2011
Shakespeare was a Million Monkeys’ Uncle?

I received a wonderful email a few weeks ago about the Shakespeare Million Monkeys problem.  This problem is actually a statistical challenge embraced by the computing community, and solved with advanced computing techniques like parallelism.  The problem is described well in this Wikipedia article: Infinite Monkey Theorem (Wikipedia), Weasel Program, a similar concept (Wikipedia) There is also […]