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21 Jul 2013
Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

On a recent business trip to Pittsburgh, I experienced something that really surprised me. I went out to dinner with some co-workers to a microbrewery/restaurant known as Church Brew Works. The name is very appropriate. It is in an old Catholic church building (St Mark’s) which is on the city’s registry as a historical landmark. […]

18 Jul 2013
You know you are a Floridian when…

I found this while cleaning out some folders on my hard drive.  After 8 years in the Orlando area, these I can vouch for. The original list is longer, and I removed the items which don’t apply to non-native Floridians.  The ones I’ve marked with asterisks I have found to be particularly true. ============================= “Down […]

14 Jul 2013
To Florida, or not to Florida: a quality of life question … maybe

I’ve been really amused over the last few months with some discussions about the best (or at least better) place to live. Currently it’s focused on the city of Pittsburgh or the Central Florida area. The debate between Florida and the rest of the country always seems to be a more heated, emotionally-intense debate.  It […]