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21 Jul 2013
Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

On a recent business trip to Pittsburgh, I experienced something that really surprised me. I went out to dinner with some co-workers to a microbrewery/restaurant known as Church Brew Works. The name is very appropriate. It is in an old Catholic church building (St Mark’s) which is on the city’s registry as a historical landmark. […]

02 Feb 2013
Beer for code.. the community in Open Source

My son discovered this license statement in some code he was looking at.  Daniel, I like your license: hope we get to meet you some day. /* * —————————————————————————- * "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42): * wrote this file. As long as you retain * this notice you can do whatever you want with […]

21 Sep 2011
Dead yeast make no bubbles.

The last several batches of beer I made had problems with carbonation after bottling, and the problem was eluding me.  I had a conversation with a fellow home brewer at work who helped me determine the cause: yeast dying before the bottling process was complete. The problem started when my yeast starters were creating very […]