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30 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

This version of Folder Manifest fixes a small bug where the first sub-folder name might not be listed when using sub-folders as headers.   See the project page for more details.

22 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

Folder Manifest is a utility linked into the Windows Explorer context menu. It builds a manifest of a folder’s contents. See the project page for more details.

17 Mar 2010
Getting the custom installation portion of a Visual Studio setup project to … well, work!

I was creating a Visual Studio solution with a Setup project, and needed to add a set of custom installation steps to the setup. The process for this (Custom Actions) is easy to find in Microsoft’s online documentation, and in many forums. Yet one thing is common: the level of failure and frustration expressed in […]

09 Mar 2010
Clipboard Munger released

The Clipboard Munger application now has some new functionality, and user-friendly features added to it.  I’ve also added some new scripts to the default library. The source code and an MSI install package are available on the download page.  For details, see the project page here.

03 Mar 2010
Preventing the orphaned system tray icon in a Windows App

Windows applications often add an icon to the system tray to remove themselves from the task bar when minimized, and use that icon in the system tray for a context menu and/or changing image to represent application state.  Unfortunately, it is common for the system tray icon to be “left behind” after the application terminates.  […]