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22 Sep 2009
The Single Application Instance Experience

While enhancing the Weed Killer application, I ran into an interesting problem trying to make Weed Killer a single instance application.  There are several ways to do this: one is to use the semi-dreaded mutex. Surprisingly, the easiest way turned out to be implementing a class in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace from the .NET 2.0 framework: […]

21 Sep 2009
WeedKiller released

This has some small changes to the configuration (Regular Expression versus Wildcards is now an enumeration), and the Manager is now a single-instance application. Source code and binaries are available on the project page.

11 Sep 2009
Don’t brick my iPhone: I might just throw it at you

Wow !  The mysterious and annoying RDC problem on my laptop took a dangerous turn yesterday.  The problem has to do with the power setting properties sometimes mutating, when I bring my Windows XP Media Center laptop out of hibernation, and connect to it via RDC.  The original problem is described in this post. Apple […]

09 Sep 2009
The lost art of break and continue

BREAK and CONTINUE are two forms of loop control, which I have seen under-used lately.  I think it is time to revisit how these two statements can help you make more maintainable and readable code, with some basic comments where needed. BREAK is used to prematurely exit a loop sequence, be it a WHILE loop, […]

09 Sep 2009
Rethinking the Labor Day holiday

As Labor Day came and went, I began thinking about all that’s been happening in American politics, and some of the quandaries we have as a country.   Our Labor Day holiday is based on celebrating the American workers and their accomplishments, by… well, I guess by giving them a break from their work. Labor Day […]