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22 Feb 2013
Mimicing an old Dumb-Terminal in a Console, Putty or Powershell Session

For anyone who grew up using a dumb terminal connected to a remote mainframe or minicomputer, or even remembers the days of the monochrome screens on early DOS-based computers, here is a way to make your console screen look like one of those old monochromatic wonders we got rid of a long time ago. You […]

20 Feb 2013
Google It !

If you haven’t been following the technology-specific news outlets for the past two weeks, it would have been easy to overlook the news that Google has acquired the company in Florida where I work: Channel Intelligence.  It’s quite a milestone. Channel Intelligence was founded in late 1999, while the tech bubble was nearing the bursting point […]

07 Feb 2013
Open DHCP Server

I previously used a Winform app that was a simple DHCP service to assign addresses on a closed LAN network for test servers. It was unreliable, in that it would assign addresses but would never let the lease go beyond 15 minutes or so. I just replaced it with Open DHCP Server. If you are […]

02 Feb 2013
Beer for code.. the community in Open Source

My son discovered this license statement in some code he was looking at.  Daniel, I like your license: hope we get to meet you some day. /* * —————————————————————————- * "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42): * wrote this file. As long as you retain * this notice you can do whatever you want with […]