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21 Feb 2009
Scraping… in VBScript

So this is a tidbit I discovered while cleaning out some files.  It is a VBScript class to do basic scraping, and a test script to validate the methods in the class–and scrape a web page to an XML document.  The WSF file is the execution file, which links the two VBS source files together.  […]

10 Feb 2009
The Clipboard Munger Project

I’ve release the initial version of Clipboard Munger.  Follow the links on the Projects page for details.

03 Feb 2009
Hibernating or switching network connections… Part 2

In my previous post about RDC, I didn’t fully like the batch file I wrote which required me to specify a parameter for swapping connections, versus hibernating.  In fact, my favorite batch file is one where the action can be specified by the operator, or on the command line directly as a parameter. So I […]