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28 Jan 2011
Security and common sense.. the two MUST go hand in hand.

I was using Google Maps to derive some lat/longs to show my son some examples of the results for a distance formula, and I noticed something odd. If you enter the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC (the White House), it will display the location on the map ( link to results ). If you […]

24 Jan 2011
Writing Date/Time filters in SQL Server that don’t go senile.

I am amazed at the amount of SQL and other code I encounter, which employs poor methodologies of establishing start and end points in time for a filter. I want to show some examples, and share some simple guidelines which can help you avoid the pitfalls of miscalculating time, or introducing gaps or overlaps in […]

11 Jan 2011
Don’t lose track of time to advance your commercial interest.

Lately I have been frustrated in general with forum-based sites, regardless of subject matter. And yet, I don’t blame them for my frustration. The problem is systemic in nature. Forum-based web sites function as an archive of data over long stretches of time, like a traditional library, but are much more dynamically built. Its content […]