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27 Mar 2012
Weed Killer

Weed Killer is now available. See the project page here.  This is a maintenance release which corrects an issue with applying NT permissions to folders. Weed Killer is available for download on

16 Mar 2012
SQL Server: reclaiming the bloated modellog.ldf file

I was working on a virtual test server with a very small (7Gb) C: drive, and the monitors were throwing alerts about low disk space. There weren’t any temp files, etc, that could be deleted to quickly free up space.  Tree Size revealed that there was a 3.5Gb file named modellog.ldf, which was clearly bloated […]

13 Mar 2012
Weed Killer (Stable)

Weed Killer is now available. See the project page here.  This is the second stable, production-ready release of the package. Highlights are: Corrected a problem where saving a configuration file, before an active change was accepted or canceled, could corrupt the entry in the file. Added a new ability for an administrator to assign […]

13 Mar 2012
ThreadPooling in .NET 4

I was reading up on (and experimenting with) the new classes introduced for managing the ThreadPool objects in .NET 4, and they are a nice change from previous versions of the framework. One technique I really like is the Task<generic> implementation. I wrote a test piece of code to implement this using a dictionary object, […]