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15 Nov 2010
Clipboard Munger Released

Clipboard Munger has some improvements over, and some new default scripts.  The enhancements are: The code editor now uses the ICSharpCode.TextEditor class and supports highlighting. The GAC reference now uses split lists for included versus available assemblies to quickly determine what the clipboard code is referencing. The project page is located here. I […]

30 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

This version of Folder Manifest fixes a small bug where the first sub-folder name might not be listed when using sub-folders as headers.   See the project page for more details.

22 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

Folder Manifest is a utility linked into the Windows Explorer context menu. It builds a manifest of a folder’s contents. See the project page for more details.

17 Mar 2010
Getting the custom installation portion of a Visual Studio setup project to … well, work!

I was creating a Visual Studio solution with a Setup project, and needed to add a set of custom installation steps to the setup. The process for this (Custom Actions) is easy to find in Microsoft’s online documentation, and in many forums. Yet one thing is common: the level of failure and frustration expressed in […]

16 Feb 2010
Old rounding errors never die, they just fade into images…

My friend Matt Owen posted a snapshot of the stock results on his Facebook wall today, which showed some interesting results on NASDAQ. It’s amusing to see little math slip ups appear from time to time like this on commercial web sites.  Seeing this error reminded me of other experiences I have had in coding […]

28 Jan 2010
Weed Killer Released (Source Forge)

Weed Killer Worker now has summary lines available through a new command-line switch “/c” (counts).  After each server, and each configuration entry, it will display the number of files removed and the number of bytes recovered from the file deletions. Note: The byte size is a minumum recovered size.  It does not actually factor in […]

28 Oct 2009
Time Change with the TimeZoneInfo class

It seems appropriate to talk about this class, with the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time occurring this coming weekend in the United States. I’ve done a bit of work with this class lately, and wanted to share a test application I wrote to demonstrate some conversions. It also shows the effects which […]

22 Sep 2009
The Single Application Instance Experience

While enhancing the Weed Killer application, I ran into an interesting problem trying to make Weed Killer a single instance application.  There are several ways to do this: one is to use the semi-dreaded mutex. Surprisingly, the easiest way turned out to be implementing a class in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace from the .NET 2.0 framework: […]

21 Sep 2009
WeedKiller released

This has some small changes to the configuration (Regular Expression versus Wildcards is now an enumeration), and the Manager is now a single-instance application. Source code and binaries are available on the project page.

21 Aug 2009
WeedKiller released

This has a small bug correction for Weeks as an age metric, and the help file is now launched into the default browser.  This appears to be the final Alpha release. All source code and binaries are now on the project page.  Please visit that site for further details as the project develops. I’ve […]