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19 Jun 2017
A Common Template Approach to Iterative Tests in NUnit 3.0 and Microsoft Unit Tests

NUnit and Microsoft Unit Tests use an approach of attributes on a method to identify a test which is expected to throw an exception, to differentiate tests which are expected to not throw an exception and just report success or failure based on Assertions (AreEqual, IsFalse, IsTrue, etc).  For individual tests, this approach is very effective. […]

16 Jul 2012
Weed Killer Released

This is a maintenance release to fix a small bug in the installer, which was missing some assemblies for the worker. No other functionality has changed. The installation package is available on here.

22 May 2012
Weed Killer Released

As of this version, all desired features (at least from my initial design intent) are in place.  Highlights of the release. Manager: Allow event selections and color selections in tester to be saved and recalled as a named set. Added MRU under a new entry in the File menu (Recent) Substantial improvement to the tester […]

27 Mar 2012
Weed Killer

Weed Killer is now available. See the project page here.  This is a maintenance release which corrects an issue with applying NT permissions to folders. Weed Killer is available for download on

25 May 2011
RDP on Windows 7, and Visual Studio

Lately, I have been noticing a problem with Visual Studio’s local web development server and terminal services.  I use Windows 7 Professional, which works wonderfully.  Often, I will lock the workstation and remotely connect to the workstation via RDP when I am at home. Occasionally, I will have a problem getting to the desktop.  The […]

30 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

This version of Folder Manifest fixes a small bug where the first sub-folder name might not be listed when using sub-folders as headers.   See the project page for more details.

22 Mar 2010
Folder Manifest

Folder Manifest is a utility linked into the Windows Explorer context menu. It builds a manifest of a folder’s contents. See the project page for more details.

09 Mar 2010
Clipboard Munger released

The Clipboard Munger application now has some new functionality, and user-friendly features added to it.  I’ve also added some new scripts to the default library. The source code and an MSI install package are available on the download page.  For details, see the project page here.

16 Feb 2010
Old rounding errors never die, they just fade into images…

My friend Matt Owen posted a snapshot of the stock results on his Facebook wall today, which showed some interesting results on NASDAQ. It’s amusing to see little math slip ups appear from time to time like this on commercial web sites.  Seeing this error reminded me of other experiences I have had in coding […]

28 Oct 2009
Time Change with the TimeZoneInfo class

It seems appropriate to talk about this class, with the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time occurring this coming weekend in the United States. I’ve done a bit of work with this class lately, and wanted to share a test application I wrote to demonstrate some conversions. It also shows the effects which […]