Batch #4-10: Irish Red Ale

Style Irish Red Ale
Ingredients View Here
Brewing Date: Saturday, March 6, 2010
Primary Fermentation: Saturday, March 6, 2010
Original Gravity: 1.040
Secondary Fermentation: n/a
Bottling Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Final Gravity: 1.012
Release Date: Friday, April 16, 2010
Alcohol by volume: 3.7% (raw) / 4.2% (conditioned)
Brand: Master Yeast Theatre
Release Name: Death of a Tax Man

Summary: This will be a revisit to the popular Red Ale of last year, but with partial mash instead of a brew can.  Irish Red Ale and Stouts are my favorite beers.

The release name honors the Irish who, in their Government’s wisdom, eliminated income taxes on artists.  So from the home brewer who’s artistic outlet is beer (currently), I will raise a glass to you.  And, of course, the release day will be one day after the US Federal Tax returns are due.  I might need it by then.


Mar 05 6:30PM :: Created the yeast starter with the standard 5oz malt pack.  I also have a new hydrometer: my third in 16 months.  Man those things are fragile.

Mar 06 12:00 PM :: Brewing went smoothly.  The yeast was pitched at 62F, the lowest I have done it yet.  I cooled the wort in an ice bath for 20 minutes, and it was 120F when I added it to the fermentation bucket with 3 gallons of ice cold water.  62F was the temperature immediately afterwards.

The yeast in the starter was very active so, combined with a nice IG measurement, I hope this will produce over 4% ABV when done.  Bucket is in my 18-gallon bin with 2 inches of water for wick cooling.

Mar 07 9:30 AM :: Bubbling cycles are already 6 seconds apart with strong 2 second bursts.  Just the type of quick start needed to break the 4% threshold.

Mar 08 12 :30 AM :: Bubbling cycles are now at strong at 1-2 seconds apart with strong 2 second bursts.

Mar 10 10:00 PM :: Bubbling cycles subsided to about 40 seconds intervals, but the burst is still strong and close to 2 seconds in duration.  Gave the barrel a stir to

Mar 12 6:30 PM :: Bubbling cycles are still at 50 seconds intervals, and the burst rate is subsiding.  This has been a very strong fermentation cycle.  I’m hoping it ends soon so that I can bottle the batch.

Mar 16 9:00 PM :: Bubbling cycles went over 90 seconds two days ago.  Took a hydrometer reading.  The alcohol content will be over 4% after conditioning, as I was hoping.  The brew is very smooth, with a nice hop to malt balance.  This batch had nowhere near the massive trum of the previous batch, which was a nice change.  Yield was 47x 12oz, 2x 20oz, and 1x 34oz.

Mar 21 6:30PM :: Opened a bottle early to try.  It’s already generating head, and the taste is very good.

Apr 4 6:00PM :: Opened a second bottle to try.  The taste is better, but the flavors haven’t melded quite yet.

Apr 15 10:00PM :: Conditioning should be finished today.  The flavor is now melded and the taste is very smooth.  I’m very happy with the result of this batch.

I received good feedback on this batch.  This Irish Red recipe from Heart’s is a good one.