Batch 4-13: Pumpkin Ale

Style Pumpkin Ale
Ingredients Heart’s Home Brew Recipe
Brewing Date: Sun: Nov 17th, 2013
Primary Fermentation: Sun: Nov 17th, 2013
Original Gravity: 1.052
Secondary Fermentation: Sat: Nov 23rd, 2013
Interim Gravity: 1.020
Bottling Date: Sun, Dec 9th, 2013
Final Gravity: 1.028
Release Date: Fri: Jan 3, 2014
Alcohol by volume: 4.5% Raw (5.0% Final)
Final Release Name: Carriage Return

A repeat of the favorite recipe for this time of year.  This one got a much later start than usual, because I relocated out of state and finally got settled enough to start it.  The brewing cycle was very smooth, despite working in a much smaller kitchen than before.

23 Nov 2013: I put this in my basement to ferment, where the night temperature was sometimes in the high 30’s.  The bucket temperature itself never went below 52F, so I anticipate I have a batch that was actually fermented at close to standard ale temperatures: a bit better than Florida could do.  I transferred the batch to secondary (in a 5 gallon plastic water bottle), and covered it in dark towels to prevent light penetration.  This secondary fermentation will be for 10 days while I travel over the holidays.

08 Dec 2013: This batch spent 14 days in secondary, and it looks like the wait was worth it.  The taste of the pre-conditioned wort is good.  The cinnamon is stronger than normal, but I am hoping that will smooth out over the conditioning period.

10 Dec 2013: Tried a bottle at the 48-hour point to see if the yeast is active and conditioning.  It is.

14 Dec 2013: One week into conditioning, so tried a second bottle.  The taste is good, but strong.  My feeling is that the cinnamon is a bit dominant in the flavor, but it does not upset the taste.

03 Jan 2014: At four weeks, the taste is awesome.  The cinnamon has blended with the other flavors.  Since this beer was so late this year, I am going to save most of it for release in October/November of this year.  This is a thicker beer which should benefit from extended aging, and I haven’t done that previously with this recipe.

08 Apr 2014: I still have about 2 gallons left of this batch, in my basement which holds a steady 54 degrees.  I plan on leaving these there until this coming Thanksgiving, and serve them during the holiday.