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07 Nov 2016
Google Fiber (Internet and TV): A Tech User’s Impressions

One of the benefits of living in Kansas City is the availability of Google Fiber as my high-speed internet provider. This is something the rest of the country desperately wants access to. It was already installed at my house here in Kansas City when I moved in, and the Google Fiber installation techs merely made a […]

01 Sep 2015
Some tips when tracking your finances online

As a lot of people have done or are doing, I moved my finance tracking off the old (read: previously) reliable Quicken desktop application, to a provider on the web.  I love the convenience of having quick access on all devices I use and wherever I am. But there are still things I will not […]

22 Jan 2014
Big Brother at its best? Well, maybe…

Recently, it was revealed that the NSA is able to break common encryption protocols used on the internet.  You can read the article here: But, to me, it’s not really that much of a revelation.  And taking the article’s claims at face value will cause the user to miss a practical side of security […]

05 Jan 2014
User beware: the hidden gotchas of the Verizon FIOS service

Verizon FIOS is a fiber-optic system capable of delivering very fast internet feeds to residential consumers, in addition to its TV service. With upload speeds in excess of 25Mb, and download speeds in excess of 50Mb (its currently capable of 150Mb), you would think that this service beats cable internet and DSL internet hands down. […]

01 Dec 2013
DD-WRT: Making two-routers work on the same network… and an alternate

I recently moved and had to setup a new home network. Because of the length and number of walls limiting effective radio coverage in the new house, I opted to put in two wireless AP’s: one at the front in the living room where the main input is, and one at the back of the house […]

30 Aug 2013
The 5 Core System Requirements To Protect Your Sleep

I have been a software developer for over 30 years now.  That includes time as a kid playing with technology, time as a student, and professional and non-professional work.  Over that time I have encountered a lot of bad designs, and some good designs in systems and software.  I also have, like every person in […]

02 Mar 2013
Install or Uninstall a Windows Service without Installation Packages

Generally windows services are deployed one of two ways.  One way is in an installation package, that will handle the installation for a user.  The service may be one of several parts of an installation package, and the package approach makes the installation easier to maintain.  This method is mostly useful for an unknown number […]

07 Feb 2013
Open DHCP Server

I previously used a Winform app that was a simple DHCP service to assign addresses on a closed LAN network for test servers. It was unreliable, in that it would assign addresses but would never let the lease go beyond 15 minutes or so. I just replaced it with Open DHCP Server. If you are […]

21 Dec 2012
DD-WRT vs Apple… no masquerading

I learned this one the hard way.  After a lot of searching through DD-WRT forums and time with my cable company doing some communication checking, I accidentally confirmed an obscure item I found in the DD-WRT forums . If you have any Apple device on your home network (particularly iPad and Macbook), turn off the […]

03 Oct 2012
Exit Tomato, Enter DD-WRT… and a weird NAT loopback issue.

I recently lost my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router which has served me faithfully for years running Tomato firmware.  I had difficulty finding any new router on the market, which had the NAT loopback feature as well as the ability to filter incoming IP addresses for a service port. I found a Rosewill RNX-N300RT router from NewEgg […]