Over the years I have posted a number of things related to the timing and sequence of removing paper currency and coin currency from all societies.  My earliest post was in 1999 on my own website, as part of a long article on why the Y2K scare was never going to be allowed to happen.  The reasoning was simple: the forces working to build the New World Order (the end times One World Government) were not going to let any trust with computers and commerce be broken: this distrust in the aftermath would have set back, by decades, the use of them in the future as a control mechanism for commerce.

Sadly, that original post has been lost… I can’t find my backup of it, and even the internet way-back machine has rolled it off (sigh).  Here are some others I have made over the last 10 years since that original one in 1999, for reference:

A giant leap towards the cashless society

Paper currency… its final countdown has begun

And now, the first actions of Phase 4: a (costly) disincentive for using the old, and actually removing the old so that it is no longer available.  That is, removing cash (the old) as a payment method.  COVID-19 started the first indirect actions to eliminate cash.  Walmart stopped stocking cash in all their automate registers for a period of time, requiring a credit or debit payment.  Note: they changed this for awhile, about a month or two after COVID-19 and did stock some registers.  There were other stores also complaining about a shortage of cash.  Whether or not that is true, COVID-19 provided a convenient (and, face it, true) reason to want to handle cash less–or not at all.

Yet, touching a credit card to take a payment can have the same danger.  Oh wait…I remember!  The stores started turning the payment terminal in your direction, so you would insert or swipe the card and not the clerk… or use the option of “tapping” the credit card on the payment terminal to use its touchless payment method.

Note: the same radio frequency responder in the new credit cards for “tapping” on the payment terminal is also the mark of the beast in Revelation 13, just not in an implantable form.  The only difference in the future will be, that the back of the hand is waived over the payment terminal instead of the card.

Knowing this, I had to smile a little when I realized that Revelation 13 says the location of the mark is the back of the right hand or the forehead.  I understand that there has to be an alternate location for people with a missing limb. I hope this doesn’t mean that in the future, some people make payments by head-butting the payment terminal.

Or, depending on your point of view, not head-butting … but bowing before it.


SunPass, the electronic toll system in Florida, has announced that cash payment at all toll booths on the Florida turnpike will no longer be available starting January 15th (two days from now).  For anyone who does not have a SunPass transmitter and account, they will still bill the toll by mail using the license plate (with an added service fee).  That added service fee is the disincentive to stop using cash and get the electronic payment–the transmitter.  For each recipient which shuts off cash in the future, this extra service fee will appear as the disincentive for those still cling to the freedom of cash.

Expect more of this, until the next phase of elimination kicks in: it’s already started (in a very early phase) and will accelerate very soon in the United States and abroad.  It’s hyperinflation.  The US Dollar has been losing about 10% real value per year for the last 2-3 years, so all the arguments for cash will get the final nail in the coffin when this kicks in.  I’ve discussed why in the other blog posts.

So why will we miss it when electronic payment is so easy and convenient?  Because there is always a middleman who can cut off any payment between you and the other party in a transaction. People are upset about how Twitter and Facebook have been cutting off certain posts and accounts. Well, when electronic cash (including most if not all cryptocurrencies) is the only option, anyone for any reason can be cutoff by a central entity.

It starts with enforcing this on the state’s declared enemies.  This video produced by 60 Minutes Australia about two years ago shows where this path leads: Exposing China’s Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent (TL;DR … the whole report is excellent, but watch from 09:30 to 15:10 if you are pressed for time)

Maybe you will notice that the description the Chinese reporter provides about the state of the Chinese populace, doesn’t apply just to China.

The Book of Revelation has warned us about this for almost 2,000 years, and other related texts in the Old Testament have also warned us for longer than that. Censorship from a totalitarian central authority is part of the end times judgment, where extorted loyalty and worship to God’s enemy is enforced through the control of buying and selling.

The Lord Jesus is calling everyone to repent and turn to Him.  He is the only one who can save your soul from the devil’s claim on it. Don’t wait.. cry out to him now. He didn’t die in vain, unless you don’t claim the gift of life which he gives freely to anyone who calls on His name.  His sacrifice did what was necessary to make our relationship right with God: something we can not do ourselves, ever.  He died as a sacrifice out of love for us, to restore the relationship with God.  But you must also sign the pardon… which is you confessing with your tongue and crying out for that pardon.

If you want to get right with him, do it now.  Dark days are coming… soon.