In an earlier post in 2016 after the presidential election, I noted how many angry people falsely believe the United States is a democracy, and forget (or just don’t know) that our structure is a republic. Some politicians were even pushing for reforming or even eliminating the Electoral College.  You can read it here ( So, what did you learn at the Electoral College? ).

As I pointed out in the previous post, the Electoral College is one of two safety valves the founding fathers put into the Constitution to prevent a federal government from becoming tyrannical. Originally, after losing the Revolutionary War to the colonists, it would have been used to keep King George III’s loyalists from using their allegiances with England to install a puppet president who was still loyal to the king.  But the Electoral College was designed to be a check and balance against more than just an old royal tyrant not happy with losing a part of his kingdom.  It’s a tool against corruption.  That’s why the electors are fully free to vote their conscious, with no binding on them from any outside force–even the election results.

The wide-scale fraud which occurred in the presidential election balloting this year is not much different to what the King of England would do: use subversion.  This time, the outside influences are mostly from China and people loyal to them spiritually, politically–and especially financially by being on their payroll, or on the payroll of an entity with the same goal of toppling the United States government from within.  So the purpose of the Electoral College as a filter for determining the next President of the United States is really no different than it was 220+ years ago.

Make no mistake: the stakes are really high. The Electoral College deviating from traditionally following the popular vote allocations is intended to be done only when there are clear indications of manipulation and gerrymandering (i.e. subversion) going on. And only those who are deluded and misled don’t see it–even when it is right in front of their eyes.

The Constitutional Convention (the other safety valve) is now inevitable, thanks to the attempts to defraud the electorate. The other cleanup will occur there.

(Dec 9, 2020): The Epoch Times published a commentary related to this which is worth reading. Dec. 8 Does Not Have to Be the Day Democracy Dies in America