I recently received an advertisement for boom headphones from a retailer via email.  Since my old boom headphone broke, and the price was decent, I thought this might be time for a replacement.

But I had a thought: I have an iPhone, which has headphones that are comfortable to me, and they have a built-in microphone.  Why wouldn’t I just use that headphone for both the iPhone and the PC?  The only problem is that the microphone input and audio output are on one 1/8″ jack, and the PC uses separate jacks. All I had seen for adapters was a number of adapter cables to allow existing, non-iPhone headsets to be used on the iPhone.  There are a few manufacturers producing this product, but my requirement is the reverse: the iPhone headset, not the iPhone itself, is the focus.

Luckily, I found a lead to a solution, thanks to a blog post by Travis Pettijohn, who worked with CablesToGo to develop an adapter cable, which they now make available commercially. The product link is on his page.