I have been encountering a really annoying behavior in Windows XP Media Center on my laptop, and the solution is really elusive.  It is arbitrarily changing my power settings for hibernation and standby.

The problem occurs intermittently, when I change my point of access between RDC and the laptop’s keyboard.  I normally set the power properties a particular way for outlet power: hibernate = never, and standby = never.  I also only have one power profile defined.

If I power up the laptop (awakens from hibernation), and login at the laptop itself, the power properties are correct.  If I power up the laptop, but make my initial login via RDC, there’s a better than 50% (but not 100%) chance that my standby property will mutate to 20 minutes.  It is frustrating to issue an RDC connection request, watch it get stuck at “connecting”, and discover that the standby light is flashing on the laptop.

I’ve scanned for viruses, and find none.  I also can’t find anything on Google referencing the problem.  Is this a bug, by design, or some weird interaction with advanced power management on the motherboard?  If anyone has any explanation or reference to the problem/solution, I’d like to hear from you.