Donald Trump did a really fantastic thing with the Obama birth certificate debate this week, and then… what the hell !?!? It seems that the birthers have let anger get the worst of them, and it has now become an anchor sinking their cause. And they don’t even see it.. not even Donald Trump. That’s sad.

I’ve never doubted that Barack Obama was born in the United States, but I was supporting the cause of the people who were demanding that his birth certificate–the official document–be produced when the president and his staff were producing any document except the birth certificate. It’s sad that it took over two years and the efforts of a very famous billionaire, Donald Trump, to finally get that document released to the public.

But this was a fantastic thing that Donald Trump did. It had two effects:

#1: It finally caused the official document to be revealed to the public, which should have been done immediately after the question was raised during the election of 2008.

.. And I am sorry for any die hard birthers who still claim that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, but this official certificate added to the report of live birth, newspaper articles about the birth, etc, puts the final nail in the coffin for this question. If you continue to insist still that this solves nothing, then any label of “lunatic fringe which is out of touch with reality” is not a label that the “liberal, right-wing” press is putting on you… that you are doing to yourself.

#2: (very important) .. It pointed out that the document existed, and could have been revealed to the American public long ago. It would have stopped any debate from starting, yet a group of people chose not to reveal it.

It is another piece of evidence in a chain of evidence to the American people of just how beligerent this administration is, and how it thumbs its nose at the American people, to whom they are accountable. Add this to big bailouts which the American people opposed, and add the railroaded passage of the health care bill which the American people opposed, and it is a rock solid case of why this administration needs to go. The act of holding back of the birth certificate alone should be repeated over and over again, until it haunts the people who chose to hold it back. They earned it: they were thumbing their nose at the Constitution, not honoring it.

As of now, the stage is set to get this extremely unaccountable and damaging administration out of office in the 2010 general elections. BUT A STRONG WORD OF WARNING TO BIRTHERS STILL CLINGING TO THE IDEA THAT THIS ISN’T ENOUGH: don’t undo this momentum with stupid rhetoric that our President is not legitimate because the “birth certificate” isn’t enough for you. There’s a whole group of people ready to use it against you. Rationality will determine whether your efforts will yield fruit from this two year plus effort, or not.