Folder Manifest

Folder Manifest is part of my small utilities collection.  It is a WinForm app which can be launched from the start menu, or via the Explorer context menu for a folder.  It simply creates a text list (manifest) of the folder and file contents.  I use it to build manifests for code deployment documents.

The three radio buttons select which format to list the file and folder names. If you are building code deployment manifests, the check box Show Assembly Version allows the version and build date information to be appended to the file name for .NET executable and dll files.

Use the change button for a folder dialog to adjust the starting folder location, or just change the text box content to the starting folder location and use the refresh button.  The resulting manifest text can be selected using Ctrl+A, and copied (Ctrl+C) or cut (Ctrl+X) to the clipboard. If you want to place the results in an Excel spreadsheet, so that each property of the file appears in a separate column, use the check box Separate By Tab.

That’s about all it does.  The installation package will construct the explorer context menu entry for the directory.  Of interest in the code is a custom project to create/remove the registry entry for the context menu during installation/un-installation.

Folder Manifest is available on the download page.