Weed Killer

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Weed Killer is an agile, and highly-scalable .NET solution, which removes aged files from a file system.  It has the ability to:

  • do multi-layer recursion (i.e. wildcards at multiple folder levels)
  • apply regular expression filters for precise removal of files
  • iterate a configuration across multiple servers

The application works equally well for either a single user on a desktop, or an IT department managing hundreds of servers in disparate data centers. Weed Killer was created with the functionality found in DeleteAgedFiles.vbs, a popular script on this site, while adding a flexible GUI manager.

For users with one or just a few workstations:  Download the Weed Killer Manager application.

For IT Departments:  Download the Weed Killer Manager application, and the Weed Killer Worker console application to delegate recurring file removal as a scheduled task.

For Developers: Download the source code package, which has a project to demonstrate how to use the Weed Killer class in your own code.

A big thank you to Don Cross ( http://www.cosinekitty.com ) for his feedback in the user interface, and tech help.